Charcot Foot Treatment

Charcot Foot Treatment
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Charcot foot, a progressive condition in those who are overweight and obese, is a condition in which the bones and joints of the foot are weakened. As the foot becomes increasingly misshapen, charcot foot can lead to severe disability, and in some cases, amputation.

Those with symptoms should seek medical attention immediately. When charcot foot is caught early the outcome of treatment is much more successful than those who have severe charcot foot.

Did you know

Charcot foot can be mistaken as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and deep vein thrombosis. Those diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy are more prone to getting charcot foot, causing loss of feeling in the feet.

What are the symptoms of charcot foot?

The symptoms of charcot foot is a swollen or red foot that’s warm to the touch, accompanied by pain or soreness. Those with neuropathy may not experience pain or soreness. Deformity, weakened feet, and fallen arches are common as well.

What is charcot reconstruction?

During charcot reconstruction the bones are secured in external framework to keep the foot in place. Your foot will stay in the framework for a few months until fully healed. Once healed, walking independence and mobility is regained and highly common amongst charcot reconstruction patients.

What is the advantage of charcot reconstruction vs other methods?

Charcot reconstruction is a minimally invasive, low risk, high success surgical procedure. Benefits of the external fixation procedure include shorter surgery time and smaller incisions than internal fixation procedures. Furthermore, Dr. Lazarus can easily monitor the healing process.

– Consult with Dr. Lazarus on the best course of treatment for you.