Flatfeet Care

Flatfeet Care
Receive treatment for flatfeet, such as custom orthotics


Flatfeet is a common, painless condition where your arches don’t develop as a child. In some cases, flatfeet can develop after an injury or from age. Treatment isn’t necessary if you aren’t experiencing pain.

Those with pain require further treatment as your podiatrist sees fit. Symptoms include pain in the heel or arch & swelling on the inside of the ankle.

Custom Orthotics

What types of treatments are available for people with Flatfeet by Dr. Lazarus?

Dr. Lazarus may recommend one or more of many different treatments for Flatfeet, depending on its severity. Often, treatment is conservative and may include stretching, physical therapy, and the use of foot orthotics. In most cases, pain is manageable using an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, though your doctor may recommend steroid injections for the relief of severe pain.

-Consult with Dr. Lazarus on the best course of treatment for you.