Foot & Ankle Trauma Care

Feet Or Ankles
Accidents happen, so we’re there to help you move past them and heal

Injuries to the feet or ankles can effect your day-to-day tasks tremendously. Dr. Sean Lazarus’ goal is to find the source of the foot/ankle trauma and treat it to recovery.

What are the signs of a foot or ankle trauma?

Pain & swelling is the most common sign of foot or ankle trauma. Bruising, dislocation, or deformity is common if the foot or ankle is fractured.Foot & Ankle Trauma
How will Dr. Sean Lazarus treat a foot or ankle injury?

Dr. Sean Lazarus will determine the treatment depending on the extent and type of injury. The first step is to rest the injury, apply ice, and keep it elevated. Some foot and ankle injuries require surgery and rehabilitation, while others may require a cast or compression.

– Consult with Dr. Lazarus on the best course of treatment for you.