Hammertoes Treatment

Pain & Discomfort Of Hammertoe
We can help you move past the pain and discomfort of hammertoe through various different treatments

Common in many people, a hammertoe is an abnormal bend in one or more of your toes. Hammertoes develop over time, due to poorly-fit shoes and can lead to chronic pain, discomfort, calluses, and tendon damage.

Who is at risk for developing hammertoe?

Women are more likely to get hammertoes due to wearing shoes that are too small or irregularly shaped (high heels, boots, etc.), but anyone can develop them.

How do I know if I have hammertoes?

Other than a bend in one or more of the toe joints, the condition may cause skin irritation, calluses, or pain when walking or standing.

How will Dr. Lazarus treat your Hammertoe?

For those with affected toes with flexibility may be treated with foot orthotics or a special type of shoe. Those with advanced hammertoes may require surgery.

– Consult with Dr Lazarus on the best course of treatment for you.